Whitelist an Email Address

Why Whitelabel an Email Address?

Your email provider likes to look out for you. It doesn't think you need enhancement pills or dates from overseas. Sometimes it doesn't thing you need to buy anything else or read subversive materials.

But really, sometimes it goes overboard and hides or mis-categorizes emails that you do want to read. And I just know you're going to want to read my emails, right??

*note: I'm going to send you good stuff, so open those emails from me!

The solution is to whitelist (AKA safelist) emails to let your email provider know for sure you want to read emails from certain people.


How to Whitelabel an Email Address

General Info

Different email provider will do things in different ways. Of course they do. But in general, if you add an email address to your contacts list, it will get delivered to your inbox. Another way to use the filtering feature of your email provider to always direct certain email addresses to your inbox.

Add a Gmail Contact

    1. Open contacts list: https://contacts.google.com/
    2. Click the "+" or "+ Create Contact" button
    3. Click the "create a contact" option that appears
    4. Fill out as much data as you have/want to use. I'm Kate Smith, kate@hellokatesmith.com
    5. Click the Save button

Add an Outlook Contact

    1. Click on the applications icon
    2. Click on the "People" application
    3. Fill out as much data as you have/want to use. I'm Kate Smith, kate@hellokatesmith.com
    4. Click the Create button

More Info

I've always found adding a contact to be enough. But here's a deeper article about Safelisting an email address if you have more questions!
Article from lifewire.com.

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