What Benefits Do You Deliver? Quick Lead Gen Tip

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In addition to What do you do? And Who do you help? Your website visitors are going to want to know one more thing – What’s in it for them?

If they’ve even been looking at your site long enough to process what you do and who you do it for, they’re probably part of that group you work with. Otherwise they would have already moved on.

But you have to show visitors how they’ll benefit or they won’t be staying. Really, like you, people are so busy and doing 8 tasks at once. Make it easy for them to see what they’ll get out of working with you.

What are the benefits you deliver?

If you think the benefit is the same as what you do, that’s not quite it. If you say, “Well, I’m a financial planner, so the benefit I deliver is a financial plan,” you’re almost there. Instead, think of how a financial plan could make someone’s life better. Every provider will have a different spin, but a better statement would be, “I’m a financial planner, and I ensure that busy executives  will have the retirement they dream of.”

In this example, your product, the financial plan is a feature of the product itself and a retirement executives dream of is the benefit your product delivers. 

The combination of all three items – what you do, who you serve, benefits you deliver is your value proposition. It’s what can help you stand out from all other service providers who do similar things. 

It’s also very important to make this clear on your website and marketing materials. Have you ever heard anyone recommended an app or a tool that they said revolutionized their business? And then dash off to the website, and for the life of you, you can’t figure out what it is they even do? Let alone whether or not it would work for you? Fail. 

Now imagine if someone in your target market gets a recommendation from a friend and they rush to your website. Will they know right away if you can help them?

I’m writing these tips at the same time I’m working on my updated site, hellokatesmith.com.

  • What I do – help automate marketing systems
  • Who I do it for – moms who run their own businesses
  • Benefit – time – I help moms run a business and still meet their kids at the school bus

I think I have the right words up now (and if you don’t think so, let me know & why!) but I’m working on imagery. Right now I just have a blue sky with clouds. I know that when I work hard, but can wrap up my work day by 3:00, walking out the door on the way to the bus stop, the blue sky and the fluffy clouds feel like freedom, relief, and success to me.

I’m still working on getting that feeling on my site. It’s a work in progress, and I’ll keep writing this short quick tips as I revisit them myself.

What benefits do you deliver?

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