How Tiny Digital Products Fuel Your Business

As you’re building out your suite of products, I believe you should consider your blog posts and other content to be the tiniest of tiny digital products.

If you’re one of those business-owning moms who claims that she doesn’t have the ability to produce content regularly, you’re going to miss out. 

For a couple of years, I knew that regularly produced content was vital for online business. I told every client they needed to create regularly. But I wasn’t doing it myself. 

I told myself I didn’t have time, which really was true. I didn’t already have time to create the content I wanted to.

Finally, I realized that no one has time. Everyone who does anything MAKES time. 

Now that I make time, I publish two blog posts per week. (Except on some school holiday weeks because I make more time for family in those weeks. And edit 9/28 – now I’m publishing one per week.)

It was challenging to start and is still pretty challenging to keep going. Lately, I’ve started to get results and get some really motivating feedback. But for the first few months, one thought really kept me going.

I believed that my blog posts were the tiniest of tiny digital products. I was putting them out into the world to reach the people I wanted to help. They cost only the time to read. That thought helped me change my mindset around blogging from something that was great if I had time, to something that was critical to fuel my business.

What are the tiny digital products in your business?

The tiny digital products in your business are composed of a lot of things you probably consider drudgery or at best, tolerable marketing activities. Unless you specialize in content creation, these aren’t likely to be your favorite things.

Your tiny products can be on your own website or on a third-party platform. 

Your content is a tiny digital product: blog posts, videos, audio files, YouTube videos, Podcast episodes, guest blog posts, photographs, digital graphics, infographics, Instagram posts & stories, Pinterest pins, Twitter tweets, Facebook posts & stories, LinkedIn posts, TikTok videos. And whatever else you create!

And all your lead magnets, even though they cost just an email address, are tiny digital products: content upgrades, email courses, ebooks, worksheets, cheat sheets (see my 89 ideas for lead magnets).

All of these are digital items produced by your business for consumption by your audience. Your audience may not be paying in dollars, but they do have to pay with time or email address. From their perspective, these are products!

What do tiny digital products do for your business?

I took a little time to explore reasons why I believe thinking about content and lead magnets as tiny digital products could be helpful.

Here are mine:

  • Motivates you to make the time and do the work consistently
  • Sets the tone for your business
  • Gives value to your audience
  • Shows your audience what’s important to you and attracts like-minded people
  • Builds actual and perceived authority and expertise around your subjects
  • Gets your message of “what” out there
  • Builds authority with search engines
  • Helps with organic searches
  • Teaches your audience at scale

Next Steps

Don’t skip creating tiny digital products for your audience. People crave information and your tiny products are the first step that your audience takes toward your core offer.

Treat them like real products, meaning treat them with importance. Double check that you’re giving some amount of value for the time your audience will have to spend consuming what you’ve created.

Photo by Stanislav Kondratiev on Unsplash

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