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Find Your Best Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

Awesome! Go for it. You don’t need this. But I have a question - you’re still here reading, so this must be something that you need. Sure you could do it, but why haven’t you? Make it faster and easier on yourself for $27.

Sure, there will be lots of similar questions for client qualification. But what makes a right-for-you client isn’t necessarily what makes a right-for-your-competitor client. What if your competition LOVES people who text at all hours?

Oh boy, I get this feeling. Think back to the last client project you had. How much looking for work did you do during that project? That project was keeping you from finding other clients (everyone has a limit on the number of project they can work on at one time, could be 1 or could be 10…). And if that client was wrong-for-you, then they were likely taking extra time from you, preventing you from finding a better client.

Wow, you are special. But seriously, you still want certain clients over others, right? I’m guessing you want cat owners who follow your processes and listen to what you have to say. Plus, you need clients who can afford you. Going through these worksheets will help you qualify your clients so that you can have great success in your therapy business.

Instead of giving up...

Imagine working with a delightful client on your next project

  • You manage your projects, not your clients

  • Clients are happy to work with you and trust your expertise

  • Projects run smoothly

  • Your time is your own, especially after work hours