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  • Get a journal and pen ready

    15 minutes of journaling will help you get very clear and focused on your direction.

Monthly Mini-Course Schedule

Each one of these mini-courses below will focus on how business-owning moms can approach the topic with efficiency and time-saving in mind.

  • December 2020 - Dreams/Get Clear

    Get clear on what you want for your life and your business.

  • January - Set Your Path

    Values, vision, and motivating mission to make decisions faster & easier.

  • February - Find Your People

    Select a niche, develop an ideal client, learn how to find them.

  • March - Protect Your Time

    Qualify clients and set boundaries so that others don't dictate how you use your time.

  • April - Create More Time

    Manage and schedule your time to feel like you're creating additional hours.

  • May - Lead Gatheirng

    Learn to automate the process of gathering leads.

  • June - Convert More Leads Part 2

    Get more leads from the traffic already coming to your website.

  • July - Bring in the Crowds

    Traffic generating tactics.

  • August - Targeted Content

    Content creation scheduling and tips on targeting your ideal audience.

  • September - Open Shop

    Create a products and services plan for more profits.

  • October - Make Good Money

    Pricing your products and services to support you and your family.

  • November - Money You Can Count On

    Creating a steady cash flow you can count on so that money comes in, even when you get busy taking care of family.

  • December - Dreams & Goals for the Coming Year

    Set Goals and a plan of action to spend even less time working.