Stop the Scramble!

& take back your afternoons

Here's how business-owning moms like you can have

  • more cash coming in,
  • more leads ready to buy,
  • & more time to spend with your kids after school.

All without scrambling like a mad woman for your next client!

Your service-based business

...doesn't serve you the way you need it to.

So, you skipped the last three meetups and your friends feel like you ditched them. Your husband wonders if he’ll ever be able to eat dinner with you again. Your kids know you only as “Driver,” and you’ve forgotten the last time you washed their sheets.

You CERTAINLY didn’t spend any time marketing your services for that next client. Will you even have time for your weekend trip now?

And tomorrow, you'll repeat that whole process.

two girls backseat of car

You’ve tried to automate and sell digital products before to get out of the feast & famine cycle.

Your course with a 200 page workbook, calendar system, and Facebook Group only sold one.

To your sister.

You couldn't get anyone to enter your funnel, let alone make it all the way through!

That was a lot of wasted time, so you went back to selling only your main service.

Everything for your family is getting more & more expensive

...and you feel the pressure to earn just a bit more

It’s costing more and more every single day just to give your family the basics. Even kids’ toys now are $500 gaming systems with $60 games rather than bikes and bats and gloves.

No one plays ball in the cul-de-sac anymore, but they’re all on travel-baseball and travel-soccer teams that cost a fortune and eat up your weekends. 

mom and daughter grocery shopping

It feels way too late to start.

Everyone and their dog has an online course these days. There’s an ebook out there for everything. Your best friend’s grandma even has a video workshop on sign language basics.

Too many women give up at this point and go back to the hustle.

There is room for another product, if it aligns with their audience. There are always more people out there needing help than people providing help - of any kind.


I help business owning women set up systems so they can enjoy time with their families.

happy business-owning mom with child

Apply to learn more about my

Scramble-Free Sales Automation

process and how it can help you by clicking the button below.

It's all about building the right product for your audience

& positioning it to them at the right time.

It’s a pretty far distance for customers to go from spending their email address (signing up for your opt-in freebie) to swiping their card for your core product. You need one or more small products to bridge the distance between those two points.

mac with funnel diagram

Business-Owning Moms with a Scramble-Free Sales Automation System can...

  • Spend more time with their families

    • Be able to RSVP for family activities and make plans you’ll be able to keep
    • Enjoy family time without so many distractions from your business
    • Build a better relationship with your spouse - you’ll have time to go on dates and time to focus on each other
    • Have time to get to know your kids better, before they’re grown and out on their own

  • Stop scrambling for the next client

    • Stop scrambling for the next project. Projects will come to you more easily, and you won’t feel that desperation for the next paying gig.
    • You won’t be pressured to take work you don’t want just to generate your next dollar.
    • No more frantic hustle - you will be able to bring calm and focus to your days to do thoughtful and deliberate work
    • More time focus more on your business and your strategy, rather than on day to day client work
    • Free up your time to build the next product to continue to grow
    • Generate new, qualified leads asking you to sell to them, completely on auto-pilot
    • Build up a group of loyal-fan customers who have paid you and are ready for the next step

  • Live a more balanced life

    • Laugh more with friends because you have time to keep up with them
    • Coordinate with carpool and other school activities because you can plan your time better
    • Chaperone field trips for your kiddo’s class to the aquarium because you’ll have the time to build them into you schedule
    • Feel the personal satisfaction of a successful career while still being a present, available mom to your kids.

  • Build a steady stream of Income

    • Make consistent, automated sales and enjoy a steady daily income while you life the life you want to live
    • Sell products that help people who aren’t ready yet for your core offer
    • Pay your business expenses from the income flowing in from the products you build, so that you can accept only the projects you love

  • Grow their business

    • Help your audience achieve their dreams faster & easier
    • Grow your business by serving more people at once
    • Have more time helping your one-on-one clients


If you’re serious about building a business that allows you to have some family time, apply now to learn more about how I can help you.

Results You'll See

A sales automation funnel that collects and nurtures qualified leads.

More free time to spend with your family and work on your business.

A loyal audience that is better served by multiple offers, rather that just one core offer.

Good to have, right?

If you’re eager to stop scrambling around for your next client and want to spend more time with your family, click below to apply.

So, what does a Scramble-Free Automation Process Look Like?


Growth & Clarity Consultation

Get clear on where you want to take your business and how you want to live your life.

Plan of Action Consultation

Develop a plan to take you to your goals. Make a decision at this point to keep working with me, or to work your plan yourself.

Web Design & Build

Following the plan of action, my team and I will design & build the web pages needed for your automated system.

Other Systems Integrations

My team and I will make sure that all the different moving parts of your system play well together and run smoothly.

Welcome Email Campaign

Set up a series of emails to deliver products, welcome and nurture your new email subscribers, and offer the right product for sale.


Email Warm-up Campaign

If you haven't been emailing your subscribers regularly, your list will need some warming up.

Lead Magnet Creation

If you need a tiny product to give site visitors in exchange for their email address, my team & I can help you build one.

Splinter Product Creation

And if you don't already have a small product that leads customers to your core product or service, my team & I can build that too.

Most lead + sales automation projects start @ 7200 with a monthly cost of 199+ per month once launched.
Actual pricing will be based on the needs of your business.


Every day it costs more and more just to take care of your family basics, before any fun or travel or t-ball. If you could have a small digital product selling on auto-pilot, you could be selling at all hours, even when you’re not at your desk. You could also be selling to many more people than if you had to personally close each sale.

This is how you start to scale your business. Click below to get access right away and get started bringing in more income.


Your day could go like this...

Lindsey grinned ear to ear. She just wrapped up her final call with her client and sent over her final report. Her client is thriving because of their work together. When that final payment hit her bank account, Lindsey felt both pride and satisfaction.

She shut down her laptop and headed down to the corner to meet her son as he tumbled out of the bus. Lindsey had the afternoon free and her next client call wasn’t scheduled until the following morning. 

As she walked her boy back home, they chatted about the upcoming Scout trip. Since Lindsey’s monthly expenses were covered by her product sales, she had already preregistered for the trip and saved a little money. 

And on the trip itself, Lindsey’s entire family relaxed. Her products were selling while she was away and she was building a list of qualified leads. It would be easy to find her next client when she returned home.

business-owning mom walking son home from school

My Guarantee to You

I am sure that I can help you save time and make more sales. If you’re unhappy during the process of working together, please let me know so I can make it right.

I do charge a non-refundable deposit for project work to cover the costs of expenses and paying team members to work on your project. If you’re unhappy, I will refund any money spent beyond that deposit.

I want you to feel good about investing your money on your business. If you feel like I’ve mis-represented something, get in touch with me. If you ask within 30 days of the launch of your automation, I will issue a refund for any money you've spent above the deposit.



Start Selling Without Scrambling!

You can get started today creating a business that works around the life you want to lead, just by clicking the button below.