Pick Easy-to-Read Fonts – Quick Lead Gen Tip

Photo by Callie Gibson on Unsplash

By the title, I’m sure this sounds more like design than lead generation. Yes, it is design, and an important part of design is User Experience. 

And why is user experience important? So people can use your site without difficulty. Since one very important function of your website is to generate leads, you want people to have a positive, easy experience while viewing your website.

If your text is challenging to read, your visitors won’t bother. No one’s brain wants to work hard when Google tells them there are 8 billion more websites that have just what they need. A couple of clicks away from your site is less taxing than struggling to read unclear text on screen.  

Make sure that the font you use on your website is easy to read, is clear on various screen sizes, and is a contrasting color from its background.

Many beautiful fonts are meant for specific cases. And there’s a fine line between being innovative and mis-using them. For example, most script fonts are tough to read at small sizes, so they work best for logos or large headings. 

I also see a lot of fonts that were meant for headings used for body text. That doesn’t work either – most of those headline fonts have proportions that make it hard to read large amounts of text.

And the easier it is to read, the longer your visitor can stay on your site, and the more chances they’ll have to opt in to your email address. 

Ultimately, the more your think of making your site easy to use, the better chance you have of attracting and keeping the attention of your ideal audience. 

Go check out your own site on your desktop, your tablet, and your phone. How readable is your text?

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