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Kate Smith,
Online Strategist & Coach
for Business-Owning Moms

I'll help you wrap up your work day by 3:00 so you can spend the afternoons with your family.

Quick! What do you do?

You have 43 minutes until carpool. You have 17 items on your to-do list. Do you:
A. Spend 28 minutes deciding which one to start?
B. Dig through the toybox for that Magic 8-ball?
C. Scroll Facebook?

D. None of the above. You're a business-owning mom, so you use this guide to prioritize your tasks in 2 minutes, and have 41 minutes left to knock out a task.

Make sales while you're
playing with your kids after school

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Protect your time by finding the right clients for you.

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You started your business for freedom & flexibility.

I can help you find it.

Hey y'all, I'm Kate

I help business-owning moms like you finish up your work day by 3:00 so you have have more time for yourself, your friends, and your family.

Self-employment seemed to be the answer when corporate life didn't fit with having a family. Can you relate?

I work with moms who started a business for more free time and flexibility and ended up with a job that took more time than their corporate gigs. I don't believe it has to work that way.

I believe in a world where moms can:

  • earn well to support their families,
  • have the satisfaction of meaningful work,
  • and can enjoy time with the family they're supporting.
Kate Smith

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