Sick of feeling like you’re just not cut out for client work?
Do you think about giving up on client work altogether?
Instead of quitting...

Build your own system to identify delightful clients who will be a dream to work with.

Even if you're so discouraged that you're not sure they're even out there.

Other business-owning moms post & brag about their awesome clients

Do you sometimes suspect they're lying or at least looking at the past through rose-colored glasses?

If you're so tired of clients who are rude and demanding or want to take over and monopolize your time that you're thinking of quitting client work, you need the secret that those business-owning moms know.

You can't work with just anyone.

You have to say no occasionally, to make time to say yes to the right-for-you clients.

Scary isn't it?? I know it is!

  • You think you need to take every client who comes your way

    or you won't be able to stay booked and earn enough money to support your family.

  • You think you have to be nice and accommodating

    because you fret about what people will think about you if you say no.  And you worry about what will happen to people if you don't help them out.

  • You think you'll make people mad

    and they'll tell everyone how terrible you are and you'll never get any more clients.

  • You think you just don't have the kind of time it takes to search for the good clients

    because you think it will take hours and hours and will be too hard and take too much brain energy.

I know because I used to think the very same way

I've worked with clients since 2009, and it only took a couple of rough clients to teach me that I need to qualify people before I worked with them.

Unfortunately for me, I didn't build a system at first. I tried to wing it.

And, while that was better than accepting every client who came my way, I still let a few really challenging clients hire me (even when I knew better!) with frustrating results.

Once I put a system in place to filter out clients who wouldn't be right for me, my work day became so much more pleasant.

And the funny thing is, clients became happier with me too.

When you have a system to qualify clients:

  • You won't have to spend hours meeting with prospective clients who will never end up working with you.

  • You'll be able to find those delightful clients who are good for you and good for your business.

  • Clients will trust you to do your best work for them.

  • You can stop working with demanding clients who don’t respect your time and make you feel forced to spend family time working.

  • You'll avoid the stress and hopelessness that wrong-for-you clients cause.

  • You'll be able to charge what you're worth and only devote time to clients who can afford you. No more taking lower priced clients just to get a paycheck.

Introducing the

5-Star Clients Only! Mini-course

Step-by-step, I'll show you how to think through what qualities make someone a great client for you. Then, I'll help you build out your qualification criteria and evaluation rules.

You won't end up with someone else's process that you plug in and hope for the best. You'll come away with your own process to find 5-star clients that's tailored to your business.


Included in the course & workbook:

  • 6 worksheets to guide you through building your own qualification process

  • Clarify what you want in a client

    Get clear on which clients would benefit you and your business.

  • Determine what you don't want in a client

    Sometimes it's what you don't want that can define the type of client you're after.

  • Build your qualification questions

    Write out the qualification questions that will help you filter client leads.

  • Decide your evaluation criteria

    Figure out how will you judge whether or not you will work with a potential client.

  • Diagram your qualification process

    Put everything together and diagram your qualification process. You can start using your new system immediately.

Instead of giving up...

Imagine working with a delightful client on your next project

  • You manage your projects, not your clients

  • Clients are happy to work with you and trust your expertise

  • Projects run smoothly

  • Your time is your own, especially after work hours