89 Inspiring Lead Magnet Ideas

Updated 3/27/2022

If you’re anything like my clients (and if I’m honest, like me) then you tend to overthink what would make a good opt in incentive, or lead magnet, for your audience. It should be a nice treat, a good value for anyone willing to pay with their email address. I started building this resource a while ago – a list of all different types of things I use for lead magnets.

As the number got higher and higher, I did three things – I thought about all the different things that I myself had signed up for, listed things I know my friends have used, and looked at a few online compilations. It’s clear that nearly anything at all can be used as a lead magnet if it’s targeted to your users.

Just for fun, I’ve bolded the types of lead magnets that I have given my email address for. I didn’t realize it was so many. I seem to be a little free and loose with my email address! 

Use this list to inspire you! Pin this image, so you can come back when you need ideas!


89 Lead Magnet Ideas

  1. Access to a forum
  2. Access to Facebook Group
  3. Access to a Pinterest Group Board
  4. Art prints
  5. Behind the scenes look
  6. Bonus Audio talking about a blog post
  7. Bonus Video talking about a blog post
  8. Book Recommendation Lists
  9. Calculators – app/form/spreasheet
  10. Calendar 
  11. Catalog
  12. Case Studies
  13. Code Snippets
  14. Color palettes
  15. Content Upgrade – Bonus Tips
  16. Coupons
  17. Cheat sheets 
  18. Checklists
  19. Discounts
  20. Downloadable version of a post
  21. Early Access
  22. Ebook
  23. Ebooklet
  24. Email course
  25. Email scripts
  26. Exclusive deals/access
  27. Free audit or review
  28. Free book (pay minimal shipping)
  29. Free estimate
  30. Free live consultation call
  31. Free trial (of product or software)
  32. Free shipping
  33. Game
  34. Giveaway
  35. Graphics
  36. Group workshop
  37. Guides
  38. Idea Lists
  39. Industry Report
  40. Infographic
  41. Inspiration Resource File
  42. Inspirational Quotes printables
  43. Interviews or interview extensions
  44. Issue a challenge
  45. Mind maps
  46. Mobile apps
  47. Naming Generator App (ideas, posts, etc)
  48. Newsletter (really? Yes, but your offer better be awesome!)
  49. Online mini-course
  50. Online Summit
  51. Outline of a long, epic post
  52. Planner sheets
  53. Planner templates
  54. Planning Spreadsheet
  55. Plugins for WordPress
  56. Postcard
  57. Printables
  58. Process Blueprint
  59. Prompts – for blog posts, social media posts, journal entries…
  60. Quiz
  61. Recipes
  62. Resource Library
  63. Restricted/premium Content
  64. Routine (morning, exercise, meditation)
  65. Sample Chapter of a book
  66. Sample module of an online course  
  67. Shopping lists
  68. Slideshow
  69. Stickers
  70. Survey
  71. Swipe File
  72. Stock Photos
  73. Style guide
  74. Templates
  75. Test or skill assessment (https://type.method.ac/#)
  76. Tickets to a live event
  77. Tools list/resource list
  78. Tracking Spreadsheet
  79. Transcript
  80. Digital Wallpaper (desktop, phone, tablet)
  81. Waiting list
  82. Web Apps
  83. Webinar
  84. White Paper
  85. Workbooks
  86. Worksheets
  87. Work Samples
  88. Written tutorial
  89. Your own blueprint for X

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  1. Stephanie Hudson on January 31, 2020 at 4:40 am

    I can’t imagine your inbox at this point! But, seriously, this is a great list. Gave me some good ideas. Thanks!

    • Kate Smith on January 31, 2020 at 12:32 pm

      @Stephanie – the trick is to filter them all to their own folder. I review them and periodically do a giant unsubscribe. But yeah, I’m a sucker for a good lead magnet. And really, I like listening to new and different ideas, so subscribing to folks who do things like decorative clothes mending makes sense for me!

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