7 Sources for Lead Magnet Templates

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I’ve gotten some questions about something I wrote the other day. I got a little push-back too. Some of you weren’t so happy that I said not to worry about design when building your lead magnets (Unless you’re a designer, then they really do have to look great). 

No, I’m not a design hater. I LOVE LOVE LOVE design. I will stare at color combos for hours. I adore it when movies or even commercial have a planned and coordinated color palette. But that sort of illustrates why I say to hold off until you can have a designer build you some templates or you have time to design. 

Designing well takes time. It’s work that takes a lot of thought and trial and error. I’m writing for folks who are busy but who are in danger of not starting because they think they don’t have the time. 

We’ve all waited “until we have the money for that special software” or “until we can buy a good mike for our podcast.” But if you don’t get started, you’ll never get it done. It’s the information in the lead magnet that is important.

Now, if you are going to spend some time designing, or hiring someone to design, then think about designing your opt-in forms and landing pages. Those are the assets that are going to attract someone to your lead magnet, and need the advantage that good design can bring. 

Compromise – Lead Magnet Templates

Custom templates

For those of you that fight against the idea of a very plain lead magnet, pre-designed templates may be right for you. You can hire a graphic designer to build branded templates that you can use and re-use for all manner of products and visuals. In fact, I think that you should do that. Just don’t let that hold you up from creating helpful products.

Pre-Made templates

Custom designs are really going to be the best fit for your brand, but you can purchase pre-built templates that can coordinate with your branding. They’re professionally designed, but sold to more than one person, so the templates won’t be unique to you. You can make changes to them typically in an Adobe product or in Canva to make them a little different than everyone else’s. But don’t stray too far or you’ll lose the professionalism you’re buying. Two great resources for pre-designed templates are Etsy.com, CreativeMarket.com, and individual designer websites.

Free Templates

You can also find free lead magnet templates available for use. Funny enough, they’re usually lead magnets themselves, for designers! The pro is that most of these are entirely free or cost only your email address. Another pro – they’re made by designers so they’re going to look great. The big con – since they’re free or nearly free, many others will have the same templates. If you can do a little editing yourself though, these can be a good place to start.

Using a Template for your Lead Magnet

If you’re going to use a Lead Magnet Template, and it’s not custom to you, I do recommend some sort of change – either to color, or font, or something very small. If you don’t know a graphics program like Photoshop or Indesign, I recommend trying out Canva. It’s very simple to use and pretty intuitive. 

Go ahead and check out Canva – if you don’t find it easy or intuitive to use, you’re better off starting with a plain Google Doc and hiring a designer when the timing’s right. Don’t get sidetracked into a Canva learning expedition or anything like that. It will take away from either your business time or your family time.

Once you have a template you like though, use my Lead Magnet Creation Worksheet to help you quickly build out a very helpful tiny product for your website visitors. Sign up below!

List of Free* Lead Magnet Template Sources

* or nearly free, costing one email address

Every one of these listed below is worth your email address. Most are worth more than that. These designers have been very generous and I suggest subscribing to their email list so that you can use some of these wonderful resources.

7 sources for lead magnet templates



Canva has so many of its own templates to use for free that you really should start there. Again, don’t spend hours, but scroll through to see what you like. Then make small modifications to make them your own. Now, it also has some you’ll have to pay for, but it has enough free options that you should be able to find something you love.



Desyner is a Canva competitor that has a few templates right now and is growing. I don’t find the design tool as intuitive as Canva to use. But they have a different look, and you might find something that exactly what you need.

Simplifying DIY Design

The Ultimate Guide to List Building

Kara over at Simplifying DIY Design has an opt-in form to a resource library that includes 10 lead magnet templates for Canva, as well as other templates you might be interested in. In the lead magnet pack, she offers a variety of types and variety of designs. Some are feminine and some are masculine, there’s not a cohesive look, but you do have many looks to choose from.

Lady Boss Studio

Free Resource Library Sign Up Page

Here’s another opt-in to a resource library, with a ton of templates and resources. Tasha over at Lady Boss Studio offers branded templates with a blush and gold color scheme, but they should be editable in Canva. She indicates when she’s offering a different file type, so beware that some of her templates are made for Adobe software.

Called Out Living


Yep, another opt-in for a resource library. Chisomo offers brightly colored templates with bold fonts and designs, and a variety of layouts. There are a few templates that could also be masculine with a little tweaking.

Vanessa Ryan

Templates for Digital Products and Opt Ins

This one is the only one that is not a resource library. Once you opt in, Vanessa will send you a link directly to the Canva template. These are a little more simple and modern feeling. Like the others, you can edit the colors and fonts. These templates can be edited to be appropriate for any market.

The Success Mountain

Enter the Vault

I haven’t yet seen these templates, but like the other things Tiffany has built, so I’ve included her template. I’m waiting to hear back from her about a Canva error I ran into.

Final notes

I had a little trouble with a few of these in Canva. Canva was giving me a 403 Error, meaning I didn’t have access to the resource. I reached out to the owners of the templates, and they made sure that I could access them! Wonderful, helpful women! So I have tried these all out, and can recommend them.

So, you really have no excuses. You can have a pretty template from one of the sources above, and you can follow my instructions to build out a lead magnet that you site visitors can use and get value from. If you haven’t already downloaded my Lead Magnet Creation Worksheet, do so below! 

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