6 Digital Product Ideas for Beginners

I’ve put together a short list of digital product ideas to help you think about what might be good for you and your business. These are the digital products I think would be easiest for most of my clients to create and sell. So, they’re geared toward people who already are running a business, but are beginners with digital products.

If you want a huge, exhaustive list, you can take a look at my list of 89 lead magnet ideas. Many of the ideas on that list are just tiny versions of digital products. Since I recommend making lead magnets that have real value that people would be happy to pay money for, everything on the list applies!

My clients seem to fall in two camps. Some are overwhelmed by the number of choices of things they could do and spend too much time working out the best choice. The rest have trouble picturing a product they could build at all.

Here are some products that would really help business owning women – they’re pretty easy to create, can be wonderfully helpful to their clients, and can be sold 24/7.


Everyone has a set of scripts they use in their business, whether you’ve thought about them and written them down or not. If you have any particular emails or phone call scripts that are successful, write them out and sell them!

You could outline the communication you use with clients throughout a project lifecycle, and give specific emails that your customers could use. You could also have fill-in-the-blank forms to help your customers build out their own scripts. 

Sometimes it’s just hard to get started, and by giving a customer a place to start, you can save them hours and lots of frustration!


One of my favorite digital product ideas for clients who don’t know where to start is to create a product that can be sold as a computer file and printed out by the end customer. Thus, the name “printables.” 

If you have design skills, this should be one of your first products. Create a beautiful calendar or journal page that targets your audience. The bullet journal trend is still huge and there are so many types of pages you could create for others. 

If you have any worksheets, reminders, cheat sheets that you use in your own business, you can create downloadable kits for your customers. While it helps if you have some design skill, you can still create these even if you don’t. Lots of designers sell customizable templates that can help you create the look you want.


And if you’re a designer – create templates! Even just great backgrounds with colors and fonts already selected. Many teachers, consultants, and coaches use worksheets that could be turned into digital products, but they worry they don’t have the design skills. If those people are in your audience, sell them some basic templates.

You can also create templates for social media, slide presentations, proposals, resumes, and really, any business documents. Know your audience though, and create the templates for them, rather than try to put together generic templates that appeal to all.

Tools for Business

Just like tracking via a bullet journal, many folks like to track via spreadsheets. If you’re a Google Sheets wizard, and have built something impressive for your own tracking, consider selling a blank version to others who need to track the same way.

Calculators and other small tools or software that you already have, or can create easily, make great digital products if they can help your audience with a specific task. These can be fancy, or just a spreadsheet with a few formulas. The selling point here is the ease and speed of use. 

I’ll give an example on this one – shopping for a house. I can build my own amortization table in Google Sheets, but it’s so much faster and easier to find a mortgage payment calculator online. Most of these are used to draw people to their website and given away free. But if there was a calculator that was specific to my business, I would absolutely pay a small amount for faster and easier.


I’m including ebooks here, even though they may seem a little harder to create. However, if you’ve been creating content – blogging, making videos, podcasting, anything, you can likely pull together an easy ebook.

Your previous emails to clients can be a great source of information. Have you ever written out a process to help out a client? Package that with some screenshots into an ebook for sale. If one person in your audience needed it, then it’s likely many others will too.

Video Training

And finally – hear me out on this one – a video training that addresses your clients’ needs makes a great product. You can even charge a little more for this one. 

You have a number of ways to do video training. The easiest way to do this is to film yourself with your smartphone and sell the recording. You can also run a call with a willing client and film it. And a third option could be running a webinar and recording it. 

Once you have a recording, you can sell it over and over again. If you build up enough of these trainings you can even bundle them into a course.

Create your first digital product from these ideas

I challenge you to go create your first digital product and put it up for sale. I know it feels hard to do because you’re working on client work and your ongoing business tasks.

The time you spend now thought will save you time in the future. Your website and your automated emails can sell these products for you while you work on more strategic tasks. Your audience will also benefit from your products that help them achieve their goals faster and easier.

Featured Image Photo by Luke Porter on Unsplash

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