5-Day Challenge Ideas for Business-Owning Moms

Updated: 3/27/2022

In this post, I want to help you come up with some fantastic 5-day challenge ideas for your business to bring in new leads and show your new leads just how much you can help them!

Why a challenge?

People love challenges because generally, in a very short time, they can make a lot of progress toward a goal. And so often, initial progress is what can really help you stick with your goals in the long term.

They’re also fun to present as well. It’s amazing to follow the progress participants are making within a group challenge.

You might have seen over in the Done by 3:00 Club FB Group, that we’re doing a whole year of monthly 5-day challenges to truly Transform our 2021 (this is over, but it’s still the place for business-owning moms!). I’ve really been enjoying doing them, and I’ve gotten some really great feedback. It’s helped me build relationships with FB group members and get a better understanding of how to help them.

Challenges can be any length, of course. But what’s good about a 5-day challenge is that it’s short, but gives you enough opportunity to teach a complete subject. If the challenge is too short, you may not be able to get enough information out to your participants. And if it’s too long, you won’t see as much participation. But your subject and your methods will dictate your challenge length.

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Purpose of a challenge

So, the purpose of the challenge is to build your email list full of people interested in what you do. You use a challenge as lead magnet or opt-in freebie. And you ask people to register for the event in exchange for the great information you’re providing them. 

Not only do you have a bigger email list after a challenge, but you also know that they’re very interested in the topic of your challenge. That knowledge can help you create more targeted offers and content for them.

During your challenge, make sure to provide some way for participants to share their progress or ask questions. That could be as simple as an email contact form, or a whole FB Group. For my challenges, since I’m doing a whole year’s worth, I set up a FB Group. A group provides a great way to let your challenge participants share wins and setbacks, and to help each other make progress. Now, I don’t know enough yet about groups to advise on them, but I’m learning & I really think it’s ideal in my case.

Naming your 5-day challenge

When I first started my Transform Your 2021 challenges in December of 2020, I called them challenges. My intention was not to keep the challenge material around much past the time of the challenge itself. But when I got messages asking me to keep the videos posted longer, I decided to make the challenges evergreen.

Now, I’m making only the first challenge a lead magnet, and it makes sense to me to call it a mini-course. People will be able to start it at any time, and although they’ll receive daily emails, they’ll have access to the whole mini-course at once in the FB group.

5-day challenge ideas

The world is full of ideas. Ideas are cheap. These ideas below only mean something if you take some action and do one!

I’ve separated the ideas out into format and topics. I’ve grouped the topics by categories, and I’ve given some examples. These are just a small subset of what’s possible. Tailor them to your own industry and circumstance. 

So, pick a format and a topic and pair them for a great challenge. OR combine within each group for a very unique to you challenge.

5-day challenge ideas for business-owning moms

Format ideas

Email only drip challenge

Set up the tasks of the challenge to be emailed out one day at a time throughout the challenge. 

Email whole challenge at once

Spell out the entire challenge in one long email.

Challenge workbook

This combines well with the other formats. Include all the challenge tasks in the workbook so that your participants have a place to document their progress.

Within a FB Group

You can do your entire challenge within a FB Group, or you can combine it with other formats and use it as a feedback and/or progress tracking platform. I’m also using it as a live video delivery platform. In addition, the group can be a “pop-up” group, or a longer-term community group.

On your website – with or without a password

An easy way to deliver your challenge is to use a page of your website. You can either password protect the page, or you can make the URL something that isn’t likely to be guessed. Since this isn’t a paid product, I wouldn’t worry too much if people who didn’t register accidentally access the page.

Within an actual membership

If you already have a membership set up on your website, you could add a free level for your challenge. It’s a lot of work though, to set up a membership just for a free challenge if you don’t already have it.

On a platform like Thinkific or Teachable

Since I decided to make my challenge into an evergreen mini-course, a learning/course platform made sense for me. Most platforms have either a limited free level or a free trial period. You can try out the platform to make sure it’s going to work for you. This really can make sense if you have or are planning more courses.

Topic ideas

Business based

  • Increase visibility
  • X number of email subscribers in Y amount of time
  • 5 days to your first client
  • Content creation challenge – blogging, videos, podcasts
  • Vision board challenge
  • Social Followers challenge


  • Stop your procrastinating
  • Meal prep to save 3 hours per week
  • Cut 2 hours off your work days 
  • Automate your emails


  • 5 day fruit smoothie challenge
  • Water drinking
  • Healthy snacks system
  • 5 days of self-care


  • Open your first investment account
  • Save your first $1000
  • Couponing challenge


  • Communicate better with your partner
  • Reconnect with friends
  • Stop fighting with your teen in just 5 days
  • Take the perfect pet photo (hobby or relationship!)


  • Plan your Disney Vacation 
  • Learn to watercolor [any craft/skill!] challenge
  • Write your first short story in 5 days

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