I help business-owning moms wrap up their day by 3:00 to meet the school bus.

Get your afternoons back by letting me set up your marketing systems to work for you.

I'm Kate Smith and I work with moms who run a business that has taken over their lives.

I believe in a world where parents can:

  • earn well to support their families,
  • have the satisfaction of meaningful work,
  • and can enjoy time with the family they're supporting.


woman working on her laptop at a coffee shop

How to Capitalize on Guest Post Traffic

If you’re going to put in the effort to guest post on other blogs, you’d better be ready to capitalize on the guest post traffic you receive.

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guest blogging

A Business-Owning Mom’s Guide to Guest Blogging

A business-owning mom’s guide to guest blogging for audience growth.

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A Business-Owning Mom’s Guide to Email Open Rates

So are email open rates important or not? How do you know what yours should be? I believe only you can answer that!

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