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Go from feeling stressed and working too many hours to spending your afternoons having fun with your family.

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Are you so busy with your business that you're not enjoying your life?

Did you know that you could be sabotaging both your business success and your time with your family? Take this short quiz for some insight into how you're handling your time.

I'm Kate Smith and I work with moms who run a business that has taken over their lives.

I believe in a world where parents can:

  • earn well to support their families,
  • have the satisfaction of meaningful work,
  • and can enjoy time with the family they're supporting.


Are Short Blog Posts Okay?

Are Short Blog Posts Okay?

If all you have time to write are short blog posts, you might wonder if short blog posts are okay?

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How to Set Up Category-Specific Opt-In Forms

I want to give you some detailed ways to actually set up the category-specific lead magnet strategy.

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category-specific lead magnets

How to Use Category-Specific Lead Magnets to Grow Your Email List

Category-specific lead magnets can be an easier way to get the benefits of unique content upgrades on every piece of content.

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