I help business-owning moms wrap up their day by 3:00 to meet the school bus.

Get your afternoons back by letting me set up your marketing systems to work for you.

I'm Kate Smith and I work with moms who run a business that has taken over their lives.

I believe in a world where parents can:

  • earn well to support their families,
  • have the satisfaction of meaningful work,
  • and can enjoy time with the family they're supporting.


category-specific lead magnets

How to Use Category-Specific Lead Magnets to Grow Your Email List

Category-specific lead magnets can be an easier way to get the benefits of unique content upgrades on every piece of content.

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content upgrades for business-owning moms

Content Upgrade Ideas for Business-Owning Moms

Content upgrade ideas for business-owning moms that you can create in minutes.

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How to Automate an up to date list of blog posts

How to Automate an Up-to-Date List of Blog Posts

Create an always up-to-date list of blog posts! It’s an easy first automation to create to save you a little time.

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